Fanfare - (noun) is a short musical flourish that is typically played by trumpets or other brass instruments. It is usually intended for important social purposes, such as ceremonial events with the purpose of gaining the attention of the audience.

Social media is revolutionising the way people use the Internet.


Social Media is an integral part of digital media today and cannot be disregarded. However, when it comes to a successful social media marketing strategy, it can be tough for small businesses to sort through the noise, statistics and masses of misinformation.

Using social media, you can keep in touch with your current customers, to ensure repeat business, stay front of mind of your potential customers that are still considering your services or products, and also promote your business to brand new customers.

But not every business needs a presence on every social platform. We choose the right platforms for your business including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest & Twitter. Most importantly, engaging your audience is the key. Fanfare has extensive experience in developing and managing Perth social media marketing campaigns. We know how to build great social strategies and how to create engagement of your brand across the various social platforms.