We Are Flexible!– We at Fanfare have no fixed term contracts and can build a social media package that suits the needs of your business.

We ensure that in all recommendations, we follow the Fanfare 4 Step Process:



1. Create a plan

We work with you to understand the goals of the business and how different marketing avenues can achieve those goals. We have a look at what marketing you have done in the past and are currently doing and recommend to keep, stop or change. We then help you build a marketing plan that includes the various digital avenues and what the plan is for each.

Fanfare Media’s Strategy and Consulting service can be part of an overall digital program or you can simply engage us to consult on an as needs basis.


2. Be found

What’s a social media presence without people finding it? A billboard in the desert!

So, yes you have decided that you do need a social presence, but it needs to be delivered in a way that you are found by as many of your target audience as possible. And of course it needs to look good, but it also needs to deliver the right information. Your content needs to be engaging so that your audience wants to like, share and comment. This will help you been found by more people and attract more potential customers to your business, for less money.

Fanfare’s Social Media Advertising and Influencer Marketing services can help you grow your fan base and engage them to become loyal followers of advocates of your brand.


3. Engage your audience

Without the interest and attention of your audience, you cannot accomplish your business goals.

The challenge is not only to make the audience want to listen but to help them understand, remember, and act on the information or ideas you share. Audiences are engaged in different ways in different places on the internet. For example on websites they expect to see exactly what they are looking for as quickly as possible, but on social media they expect to be entertained, informed and involved.

Fanfare’s Social Media Management, Content Marketing and Influencer Marketing services, make engagement a first priority.


4. Analyse the results

At Fanfare we strongly believe – If you can’t measure it, don’t do it!

At Fanfare we have access to a wide range of tools to analyse digital marketing. Based on the objectives of a digital campaign we use the right tools to discover our progress to those objectives. We provide reporting which include not only the progress of the campaign, but also strategies for continued improvement. As a result, you can spend more time acting on the information rather than being left to simply make sense of it.

We do not work with lock in contracts. We simply talk with you about what you require, from one local business to another. We then create a plan to deliver what you need and if we all agree, we start what hopes to be a long term and productive relationship.

If this sounds like what your business needs, we would love to hear from you!