Kick Arse in the Instagram Feed

It wasn’t long ago that Instagram had our hearts skipping a beat with news of a new algorithm hitting our feeds. There was a lot of backlash, but to be honest, it shouldn’t have come as a surprise. After all, social media app Facebook changed its algorithm, and Facebook owns Instagram.

This change meant that posts would no longer be in date order, instead, the order would be determined by your previous interactions, the timing of the post and the likeliness that the content appeals to you.

Why did they make this change? The folks at Instagram believed that because people were following so many accounts, about 70% of posts weren’t being seen. The new algorithm would help users see the posts from people they know and posts that they’re most likely to interact with.

So now that the change has been implemented, how do businesses stay on top of their Instagram game? How do you ensure your Instagram posts make regular appearances in your customer’s feeds?

How your business can kick arse in Instagram’s feed

Be active and be authentic

Be seen and be true to your business. We don’t recommend a manic ‘mass like’ every time you logon to Instagram, just like the posts that truly appeal to you and build connections with the accounts that align with your business.

Don’t be shy, comment

If you have something relevant to say, don’t be afraid to comment on posts. Tag the account holder to get their attention and you’ll also be exposed to their followers. You’d be surprised how many people click through to pages from comments on other people’s posts. For this reason, keep your Instagram account name consistent with your business name.

Use relevant hashtags

Generic hashtags like #happy, #quote or #funny, might get you likes, but you’re not investing in long-term, qualified followers. Instagram allows you to have up to 30 hashtags, so keep them relevant to your business and industry. That way you’re attracting followers who have the potential to turn into paying customers.

Engage your followers

Keep your posts relevant to your business, industry or collaborations. Your posts need to ‘tie-in’ to your business and give your followers consistency and a reason to keep following you.

Get strategic

Forget random, unplanned posts. Develop a strategy that will turn your Instagram followers into real, paying clients. Send your Instagram followers to your website via a link in your bio.

Clean up your feed

Clean up your Instagram news feed so you don’t miss posts from the accounts you love. Delete accounts that don’t post, or the ones that no longer interest you.

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