The House That Social Media Built

Fanfare Media In The News – A Perth home has been imagined and built almost entirely using social media influences and a global online community, demonstrating that in the digital age, ideas know no bounds.

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Frustrated by the lack of local products and services that could deliver on her dream home, social media marketing expert and Fanfare Media
Owner, Sasha Ioppolo set about scouring the internet and using social media sites Pinterest and Instagram to source and communicate her vision.

The result is a completely unique three-story mix of industrial and mid-century modern that has been shortlisted in the WA Architecture Awards and now has a social media life of its own with accounts on Facebook and Instagram, called Triple Deck House.

“Social media and the internet liberated and empowered me,” said Sasha, Owner of Fanfare Media. “It gave me thousands of ideas to choose from, where in the past I would have been restricted to a few magazines.  It also allowed me to communicate those ideas clearly to my architects,” she said.

“I would encourage everyone who’s thinking of building or renovating to not simply settle for the traditional approach to home building which is buying off the plan or leaving it up to the architect.” 

“There is a similarity about homes in Perth. Social media allowed me to try something different because it provides you with the evidence of it working in another country.”

“I would see amazing design and beautiful products online that were available in Europe or the US but no one was doing that here, so I thought why not incorporate them or import myself?”

The home certainly turns heads, so much so that several rubber-necking motorists have crashed into a median strip road sign outside the home. Sasha spent most evenings for a year collecting ideas online (even though her husband was ordering her to go to sleep) which she and her husband eventually took to architects, Whye Kay Leong and Joe Chindarsi from Chindarsi Architects.

“While you do need time and a commitment to the process, it’s not that difficult for others to use social media and the internet to create the home of their dreams, or for businesses to attract excited home owners as customers.”

Sasha suggests that anyone could use the following social media strategies to inspire their own dream home:

  • Pinterest: Create story boards for different rooms in the house such as the kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms, as well as key aspects like a staircase or swimming pool. Save images from designs you find online.
  • Instagram: Used to source images of designs. Search for designers and start following their posts and their work.
  • Source other services: Watch who and what your favourite designers recommend in their social media. This can help you track down elusive products and services not found locally.
  • Borrow ideas from other countries: You might not have considered design ideas from Scandinavia, Germany or Singapore, because you’ve never been exposed to them but searching online opens up global possibilities.
  • Create a PowerPoint presentation of your ideas gathered through social media to communicate to your architect.


“Social media allowed me to gather and arrange my ideas so they could be professional, persuasive and taken seriously with suppliers and contractors.”

And they were taken very seriously indeed by the team at Chindarsi Architects, whose award-winning Highgate architectural firm is known for their work in contemporary modern architecture.

“It was wonderful working with Sasha because she had such a clear idea of what she wanted and the passion to see them through,” said Mr Chindarsi.

“Sasha pushed us and sometimes it was a challenge but when the result is something this beautiful it is worth the effort,” he said.

“The Internet, social media and TV home renovation shows are making everyone more design aware.”

“While there’s the danger of too many choices and a clash of styles and influences in general it’s wonderful to have clients who are so knowledgeable about architecture and design. It allows us to push the envelope.”

Sasha Ioppolo runs social media marketing company Fanfare Media which specialises in helping businesses identify and engage with their target market through social media.

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